To describe her as beautiful would be slander, to describe her as passionate would be blasphemy. She was alight with the fire of injustice, a voice of the silent masses. She could destroy someone with her words alone, yet she was filled with a kindness rarely found except in the most precious of people. Her looks, she thought, were nothing special. However, everyone could see she was more than special, more than beautiful. With her dark eyes and full lips, she could break hearts.

She chose, instead, to break regimes. She delighted in the written word, poetry, prose, any literature she could get her hands on were devoured. Her pursuit of knowledge was never ending. She was Athena, capable of terrible things, equipped with terrible knowledge. She was Apollo, the fire of the sun in her soul. She was a warrior.

oh my god. i feel awful that i have no real reply for this but??? i am so ridiculously charmed and flattered at this and i am genuinely rendered speechless because this is the best thing anyone has ever said to me. i am just so stunned right now i mean how???

thank you thank you thank you darling, i will attempt to formulate a more coherent response to this later but yes thank you <3

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